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Hell Bent on Theocracy

     I know that at first glance it will look like I’m just picking on the poor Republican party.  Really I think that all of the American political parties are a joke.  We’ll start with the Republican party because it exemplifies the thing that I most hate; hypocrisy.  I grew up in a fundamentalist household and a Baptist church, I can spot it quickly.  In that Baptist church they taught more than the Bible, they taught Republicanism.  They never said exactly who to vote for, but I remember the church opening up for prayer while the election votes were being tallied so that George H.W. Bush would win.  They villianized the other candidate to the point that you knew who was the more obvious choice.  The candidate was chosen by God Himself.  The other candidate professed to be Christian, but clearly, they were not… because they weren’t Republican.  Our church was about 15 minutes outside of Washington D.C. and we had several military members, and several people who worked on Capital Hill as aides.  My memory fails me when I try to remember if there were senators and representatives who were regular attendees.  I don’t believe that there were.  There were times when for our Easter and Christmas productions that there were ‘big wigs’. This is actually not my point, but to let you know how my point has been shaped over the past because I do believe in transparency.  I do believe that our experiences and learning mold our beliefs and actions.

     I understand that humans are fallible.  I do believe that you are going to run on a family values platform, then you better follow it or change your platform.  The Clinton/Lewinski scandal is my first example.  You could not get away from the coverage.  The Republicans circled endlessly over this ‘impeachable offense’, and it comes to light that Newt Gingrich was in a full on affair during this time. Now, he is running for President.  Seriously? I don’t know if he is that ignorant, or if he believes the voters are that ignorant, or if he and his would be voters are willfully ignorant.

     I don’t need to go into the details of Senator John Ensign scandal.  I do think that lies beget lies so it isn’t surprising to me that he had an affair, tried to cover it up, etc.  What does surprise me is that he is based out of Las Vegas.  I can understand how a Republican can get into office in Nevada.  I don’t understand how a religious Republican chooses to set his office up in Las Vegas, the place that is known for it’s “moral holiday”.  It is almost too easy to set up a list of deadly sins and explore their perpetuation in Las Vegas.  I do not understand how Senator Ensign could continue his platform of family values even when these ‘iniquities’ were unknown.  Where is the still voice of God?  Where is the cognitive dissonance? 

     I am no longer a member of that Fundamentalist persuasion, or really that religion.  I don’t believe in the ‘angry God’ who is also perfect, and loving…yet vengeful.  I do believe that if you are a subscriber to a religion then you should follow it.  I believe that if you are going to use religious leanings on your platform, then you should conform to the standards or change your religion… or at the very least, change your platform. 1 Timothy Chapter 3 indicates the attitudes and attributes of leaders or elders within the church. It indicates that should you not be able to keep your family life in line, then you should stand aside from your position as a leader in the church.  Now, it doesn’t say that you should step down from your job, but I believe that you are functioning as an elder or leader of the church as a figurative whole if you run with ‘God’ on your platform.  If you put out there that you are a Promise Keeper, and a member of a church for the purpose of swaying voters to know who is truly “God’s Candidate”; then follow it. 

     I am a believer in the complete separation of church and state.  I believe that the rejuvenation of the Republican Party as a result of the Tea Party is just another chance for the exploitation of a demographic to cater to a religious agenda.  (I am not a member of the Tea Party. I do understand some of their perspectives.  I just disagree because like my subtitle, “Where does your history begin?”, I think that they are picking and choosing to use the Constitution to validate their positions, when History has shown that bootstraps did not give many of them their good life that they wish to protect.)

     All of the above is just quibbling when it comes to the next point.  Our freedoms are picked off one by one, our middle class attacked, the quality of our education is compromised all so that we can continue war mongering in the name of God.  And if you don’t believe that God or religion had anything to do with it, you are mistaken. 

"U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used ‘biblical images’ to deliver reports on the war in Iraq to President Bush" (See link below). Showing us that we have no idea just how embroiled the Christian religion (Or Rumsfeld’s interpretation of said religion) truly is into our politics. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1183900/U-S-Defence-Secretary-used-quotes-Bible-brief-Bush-mission-God-war.html#ixzz1IklMKshQ
     The use of “Blackwater Ops” (whom are treated, armed, and protected better than our own soldiers) is another example of this infiltrating theocratic attempt.

     ” One affidavit, filed by a former senior management figure at Blackwater whose name was submitted to the court under seal, talks about the role of Christian fundamentalism in the operations. Erik Prince, the CEO and founder of Blackwater, is well known for his devotion to the religious right, of which his family has been a long-standing funder. But the court papers suggest how these attitudes have influenced Blackwater operations in Iraq. Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” the affidavit states. He “intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis.” It reports that Blackwater “employees openly and consistently used racist and derogatory terms of Iraqis and other Arabs, such as ‘ragheads’ or ‘hajis.’” And it notes that Blackwater intentionally recruited individuals from the former Yugoslavia because of their violent anger towards Muslims.”


     The American public would revolt if we actually had to pay for this war as it was happening.  Whether that payment happens as a result of a draft (making Blackwater unnecessary), rations, or higher taxes.  Our fickle population is too interested in the space 15 inches in front of their face to care until their pocket book or lifestyle is prodded. So we will continue to debate over shutting down the government over trivialities without addressing what is truly costing us.  The Crusade.

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